Michelle Kranz, founder and owner

Michelle Kranz, Pure Grit Climbing FounderAbout Michelle KranzI started Pure Grit climbing bags because I wanted to create a brand that expressed a love of life and passion for exploring creativity. In nurturing my own entrepreneurial spirit, I’ve strived to develop a compelling brand to showcase unique products that will inspire others to explore their own free-spirited path. It’s about finding ways to express yourself. This creative story is the compass that guides Pure Grit’s vision and direction.

Climbing is a lifestyle, and it’s been my lifestyle for over 25 years. Being outside and enveloped in nature, it’s a passion I can’t imagine living without. As a designer and product developer and product geek, I wanted to bring some fresh designs to the climbing world. Continually bringing innovative and refreshing products to market is my mission.

Blending technically engineered bags with fashion and style is Pure Grit’s specialty. We all want to pull down hard and send our projects, but let’s do it in style. Beyond fashion, we bring technical waterproof fabrics, ultra-light ripstop fabrics for when every ounce counts, and durable “don’t fail me now” fabrics. Marrying them with style and personality trims.

And as important, is solving the simplest in nature bag issues such as engineering the top synch closure to work the life of the bag, the cording from breaking or wearing, maintaining the shape and form of the bag.

I get asked why the name “Pure Grit”. Pure Grit is the essence of climbing. Grit is defined by “strength of character”, and like climbing, Grit conjures up words like determination, fortitude, guts, stamina, nerve, toughness, spunk and indomitable spirit. Whether you are a novice in climbing or have years under your belt, you can relate to the meaning of Pure Grit.

To satisfy the tactical demands of running a business, I draw upon 18 years of corporate experience in the apparel and sports & fitness industries. Working for companies such as Nike, Kelty, GoLite and Spyder Active Sports within product development and brand management positions.

In the end it’s all about expressing yourself and seeking that next great adventure. But be sure to bring some personality with it!

— Michelle