The pure grit story

We are explorers on our own life’s journey…

beth climbing with Pure Grit chalk bagThe Boulder, Colorado, brand Pure Grit was born out of the love for life and adventure.   This love is the soul behind our products. It’s a lifestyle that is expressive and adventurous.  We strive to blend a way of life with this way of thinking.  Our products embody this synergy, and hopefully inspire others to embrace  their own exploration of a free-spirited life.

Why the name “Pure Grit”? Pure Grit is the essence of climbing.

Grit is defined by “strength of character”, and like climbing, Grit conjures up words like determination, fortitude, guts, stamina, nerve, toughness, spunk and indomitable spirit. Whether you are a novice in climbing or have years under your belt, you can relate to the meaning of Pure Grit.

  • Every bag is Boulder, CO made
  • All the trims and plastics are USA made and made to last
  • Solving the simplest of bag issues – making sure there is 100% closure, the cording stays in place, the bag holds its shape, and the perfect fit for easy hand dipping at critical sending moments.
  • Every bag is made by myself or a handful of seamstresses and made with care and precision.
  • Striving to blend technical engineering & craftsmanship with fashion and unique fabrics, colors and trim to bring personality to each bag

We take creating unique bags one step further by offering custom products for individuals, teams, corporate groups, & climbing gyms.

So let’s get after it and do it in style!